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Chairman's Corner...

When you hear the term "battleground state" in the national media regarding the 2024 Presidential race, you most likely think of Michigan, Pennsylvania or Arizona. But a recent poll sponsored by KSTP/SurveyUSA showed Trump trailing Biden by just 2% in Minnesota, with Biden at 44%, Trump at 42%, 11% preferring another candidate, and 4% undecided. This is now the third straight poll that has shown the gap narrowing between Biden and Trump here in Minnesota. 

Surprisingly, only 49% of voters in the metro are committed to voting for Biden. Unsurprisingly, Trump is leading in all other areas of the state: by 13% in southern Minnesota, 28% in western Minnesota, and 8% in the northeast. 

KSTP/SurveyUSA then released another poll showing that 45% of Minnesota voters preferred a generic Republican for state house. Just 44% preferred a Democrat, with 8% undecided and 3% declaring another preference. This is very encouraging news as we gear up our election efforts to take back the House and restore balance and sanity to St. Paul. 

If you missed the press releases we put out last week, you can find them here and here

My hope is that these two polls will give you the energy and encouragement you need to work every harder - to knock more doors, make more calls, walk in more parades, donate more money - and build on our momentum to win up and down the ballot this fall. We need all hands on deck to defeat the DFL's radical and destructive policies, but with your help, it IS possible. 

Onto November! 
David Hann, Chairman

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Fellow conservatives,
If a 747 airliner crashed every day killing 300 Americans, there’s no doubt we’d consider that a national emergency. So why aren’t we sounding the same alarm when 300 Americans are dying every day from opioids and fentanyl that are coming across our Southern border illegally? 
If you are not already familiar with this heartbreaking, grave, and current reality, consider these facts:
Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more powerful than morphine and considerably stronger than heroin.
Over 20 Minnesotans overdose and die from opioids each week. Opioid-involved overdose deaths among Minnesotans increased 43% from 2020 to 2021, and the number of deaths has more than doubled since 2019. 
Drug deaths nationwide hit a new record in 2022 when 109,680 people died.

Unfortunately, the Democrats in Minnesota who currently hold the trifecta of the governor’s mansion, the state House, and the state Senate have only worsened this crisis. The DFL’sversion of helping addicts is providing free syringes through needle programs, creating safe injection sites, and decriminalizing drug traffickers. During the legislative session last spring, the DFL and Governor Walz passed a RECORD number of laws in a historically PARTISAN fashion – meaning they hardly considered any bills, amendments, or input from Republicans. 

And at the federal level, it’s even worse. Joe Biden has allowed the crisis at the Southern border to continue worsening, and as long as we have an open border, we will have lethal drugs flowing in and harming Americans across the country. 
At the MN GOP, we’re working EVERY DAY to support candidates and legislators who vote against these horrific policies – both here in Minnesota and at the federal level. Elections have consequences, and sadly, this crisis is one of them. Will you make an investment today to support us as we fight to elect candidates who care about this crisis and want to find REAL and LASTING solutions, not “quick fixes” like safe injection sites and free needles? Please consider joining us today at
With appreciation,